Just Born is the company that makes those marshmallow chicks and rabbits.  We see them flooding the stores every year during the Easter season.  From Just Born’s perspective, that is the problem—we only see them during the Easter season.  Therefore, the company is planning to expand its marketing to create a year-round presence.  To facilitate that strategy, the marshmallow snacks are being made with additional flavors and colors.

From a business marketing perspective, I think this is all good.  Nevertheless, what truly cracked me up was the casual observation about the hardiness of the product when reported by Venessa Wong (“Peeps Break Out of the Easter Basket” Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/14/14–4/20/14, pp. 24–25):

Like the Easter Bunny, Peeps hop into our life each spring, only to disappear a few weeks later.  Although they have a shelf life of about two years, many of the marshmallow chicks and rabbits never get eaten.” (p. 24)

A two-year shelf life?  Those sure are hardy chicks and bunnies!  Perhaps it is time for Just Born to roll out a new marketing slogan:

Chicks and bunnies tough enough for three Easters!

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