Inc. just published its annual listing of America’s 500 fastest-growing private companies (“Inc. 500” September 2016, pp. 20–34. [For the larger complete list of the top 5,000, visit Inc.’s Web site ]). To have earned a seat at the table of the Inc. 500, the company must have:

  • minimum 2012 revenue of $100,000.
  • minimum 2015 revenue of $2,000,000.
  • been based in the USA, privately owned, and independent (not a subsidiary of any other company).

Once the table is full, the 500 companies are ranked by comparing revenue growth from 2012 to 2015. Of course, just to be on the list is quite an accomplishment. The higher up you go, the more impressive it becomes. For all of them, the three-year revenue percentage growth is amazing. Here is a small sampling:


Collectively, over the past three years these 500 companies have added almost 56,000 jobs to the economy. They have done that through ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and untold hours of hard work. Some of these companies are disrupting industries. Some are adding new industries. Some of them almost didn’t make it. All of them are on the right track for our economy.

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