I love what social media allows us to do today. I love its instantaneous connectivity, its convenience, its modernity, its ability to facilitate relationships, and its ability to get things done. This works both personally and professionally. Just look at how many ways businesses and other organizations use social media today. Social media has absolutely saturated our society on all levels.

When you touch that screen on your device, you are touching the world. Never before in humankind’s history has a physical touch instantly translated to a world touch via technology. Now we do it daily.

While all this is a good thing, we also must remember to maintain balance in our lives. As much as we might revel in touching the world via our technology, we must never neglect those essential opportunities to touch the world physically. Nothing compares to a face-to-face meeting, a cup of coffee with a friend, or a deep discussion with a trusted confidante.

Therefore, we have two basic ways that we can touch the world. Both are important and both have tremendous value. Let’s keep using both ways to touch the world. However, be careful to maintain balance. Just because you can touch the world by touching your screen, never let that replace the real act of touching the world. We don’t want to lose either ability, especially the one that was here first.

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