Empower your company through technology. In our hi-tech modern times, we have no excuse for not applying this business basic. I have never seen an organization yet that could not achieve some added efficiency and effectiveness by tapping into today’s technology.

Obviously, every situation is unique. The hi-tech upgrade at Company ABC may be quite different than that of Company XYZ. But that is beside the point. The point is to do what you can to enhance your organization’s performance via modern technology.

Fortunately, most companies can see these realities. They understand the benefits that technology brings. Therefore, they move ahead with hi-tech deployment when and where possible and everyone benefits.

Unfortunately, some companies resist technology. They somehow believe that an old-fashioned way of doing something is intrinsically better than a tech-enabled way. In most of those cases, it is the stubbornness of the company that is the roadblock to improved performance. I once dealt with a business that stubbornly refused to upgrade its IT systems. Tragically, the owner refused for so long that when that system encountered its next crash, it was its last crash, and it was an irrevocable crash. The company lost irreplaceable records and digital assets. It had become too late for redemption and everyone suffered.

You don’t need to spend money continuously on technology upgrades. That extreme can become as inefficient as the other extreme. However, you should regularly review your technology so that you can make smart adjustments and upgrades where and when needed. That stance will empower your company.

About James Meadows

Currently I serve as a training team manager for Johnson Controls at a customer-care center in Kansas City. Additionally, I am a business consultant, a freelance corporate writer, an Assembly of God ordained minister, a Civil Air Patrol chaplain, and a blogger. I believe we are living in the most fascinating times of human history. To maximize the opportunities these times present, I have a passionate interest in leadership development and organizational success, both of which I view as inextricably linked.

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