Elizabeth Holmes is the founder of Theranos, a company that is dedicated to saving lives by inventing medical tests that are fast, convenient, and cheap. Theranos is definitely a disruptor to the medical testing industry as Kimberly Weisul reports (“The Longest Game” Inc. October 2015. pp. 48–51, 146–147):

Theranos, now valued at $10 billion, has developed blood tests that detect hundreds of conditions and diseases from a couple of drops of blood from the finger, instead of tubes of blood from a vein in the arm. . . . Holmes aims to enable anyone to get lab tests—for anything from cholesterol to cancer—on his or her own at a local pharmacy for no more than half of what Medicare would pay. Holmes believes that providing faster, more convenient, and less expensive access to lab tests will transform preventive medicine.” (p. 50)

The inception and growth of Theranos is quite an exciting story. Even more exciting is Holmes’ enthusiasm for inspiring other young women to excel. She has a passionate recognition of the glass ceiling in entrepreneurship and how important it is to break it:

[Holmes has] been speaking to groups of girls, encouraging them to excel academically. ‘This is just one of those areas where a glass ceiling shouldn’t exist. . . . We change this for the next generation by our actions. . . . It was a long time after I started this company that I realized that there had not been a sole female founder-CEO of a multibillion-dollar health care or technology company. . . . I didn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it.’” (p. 147)

I commend Holmes for her passion and actions to help break any barriers to any person from fulfilling his or her fullest potential. When that does not happen, we all lose. I want to see people win!

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