Fortune has published its annual “The 100 Best Companies To Work For” (Milton Moskowitz and Robert Levering, March 15, 2015, pp. 97–154). In addition to providing its momentous list, Fortune includes analysis on exactly what these various companies are doing to command such high esteem among their employees. Obviously, the answer is many things. However, one item that stands out is caring. When companies perform certain actions out of a genuine sense of caring for employees, nothing rings truer.

Google enjoys first place on the list. Most of us are somewhat familiar with the various benefits, perks, and fringes that Google employees enjoy. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that Google also gives meticulous attention to a very practical reality for those times when its employees’ families are experiencing an overwhelmingly painful situation—the death of that employee:

Google . . . offers an employee benefit it has never publicized: If an employee dies, his or her spouse receives half the employee’s salary for a decade. No words could send as clear a message [that Google cares].” (p. 110)

Yes, I totally understand that companies must carefully consider costs of employment and all that attaches to that. I am not saying that every company can or should do this. However, every company can and should do something, if in fact they care about their employees.

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