At the end of 2013, Kaspersky released its annual report.  It contains many interesting cybersecurity highlights from which we can benefit.  I highly recommend the report as an excellent review of what has happened with cybersecurity last year, and where things are moving in the future.

Not surprisingly, the report emphasizes the continuously growing threat to corporate data.  The villains benefit just as much as the heroes do from our ever-improving technology.  Given this trend, Kaspersky anticipates the day when corporate data’s only threat is technologically delivered as opposed to humanly delivered:

The extensive use of computers and other digital devices in all areas of business has created ideal conditions for cyber espionage programs and malware capable of stealing corporate data.  The potential is so great that malicious programs may soon completely replace company insiders as a way of gathering information.” (Corporate Threats, p. 22)

Just think—“reach out and touch someone” is no longer required.  Industrial spies need not apply.  The software does all the villain’s work.

Somehow I have a feeling that cybersecurity is going to be a very hot field for a very long time.


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