Sometimes, leadership means you have a vision for something that has not yet materialized but your leadership will make it happen.  Joel Myers, founder and president of AccuWeather, is an excellent example.  Armed with a PhD in meteorology, he wanted to create something new.  His story reveals the tide he had to buck to bring AccuWeather to life (“Etc.: How Did I Get Here?” Bloomberg Businessweek, 1/13/14–1/19/14, p. 72):

I remember pitching AccuWeather to TV stations in the early days, and they’d tell me, ‘Eh, people aren’t that interested in weather.’

That was the early 1970s.  Obviously, history has revealed that people are very interested in the weather.  That reality, coupled with Myers’ leadership, brought AccuWeather into being.

The next time you decide you want to bring something new into being, identify your vision, and then exercise your leadership.  That will make it happen!

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