BYOD (bring your own device) is on the rise.  This likely will not come as news to most people, but it seems some workers have a few issues with their company-provided IT devices and software.  Imagine that!  CNBC summarizes the situation:

Call it a movement of sorts, but employees are increasingly ditching their company issued computers and smartphones in favor of using their own devices to get work done.  One big reason:  Their company’s tech is, well, terrible. . . . Not surprisingly, millennials are at the forefront of the trend.

I am not surprised that BYOD is on the rise.  Workers like to get work done more efficiently and effectively.  The more your job involves technology, the more likely you will adopt a BYOD approach.

I am equally not surprised millennials are taking the lead on this.  They tend to be the most technology oriented and they genuinely want to do a great job in every respect.

BYOD presents companies with three interesting options:

1—Upgrade Current IT Systems.  The result?  Individual workers will stop feeling they are using an abacus for a PC and a set of tin cans for a phone.  Yes, I realize the disruption and the cost factors are significant.  On the other hand, I believe we can make a case, considering the long-term productivity and efficiency.

2—Adopt BYOD-Friendly IT Policies And Procedures.  Perhaps a win-win solution is obvious.  If companies create policies and technical procedures that will function well regardless of the worker’s device, then individual worker preferences will not be an issue.  We have already witnessed increasing compatibility among devices and systems throughout the IT world.  Why not be the company to get ahead of that curve?

3—Provide For Device Choice.  Some companies have adopted a CYOD option (choose your own device).  Employees are allowed to select from several employer-provided options.  The strength of this option is that the employer is able to control which devices are involved as opposed to the entire universe of devices when employees just bring their own.

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