Career planning can take you in many interesting directions or dead ends.  Knowing the trends and being able to predict where the jobs will be is not always easy.  Nevertheless, one area that seems to be a growing opportunity is cybersecurity.  Meg Whitman (HP CEO) gives her assessment:

[Companies] are faced with the challenge of identifying, retaining, and educating security professionals.  Quite simply, there are not enough resources to go around.  65 percent of IT security positions remain open for 9 weeks or longer.  Recent reports cite U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that state that the number of IT security roles in the country will increase by approximately 22 percent between now and 2020.

I agree with Whitman.  The opportunities in this area are quite large, and I don’t see how the growth cannot continue.  IT threats will never go away.  I would encourage any person just starting a career or retooling a career to give careful consideration to cybersecurity.  If it is something you love to do, and you have the mind for it, your future should be very promising and fulfilling.

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Currently I serve as a training team manager for Johnson Controls at a customer-care center in Kansas City. Additionally, I am a business consultant, a freelance corporate writer, an Assembly of God ordained minister, a Civil Air Patrol chaplain, and a blogger. I believe we are living in the most fascinating times of human history. To maximize the opportunities these times present, I have a passionate interest in leadership development and organizational success, both of which I view as inextricably linked.

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