Certain people display some hilarious idiosyncrasies.  Robert A. M. Stern (Dean at Yale School of Architecture) is one of them.  Sam Grobart, interviewing Stern, asked him about his work style (“The Interview Issue” Bloomberg Businessweek 8/12/13–8/25/13, p. 89):

I wanted to ask you about how you work personally, professionally.  You don’t use a computer?

Stern’s response was tinged with just a hint of embarrassment and was hilarious to read:

Oh, do I have to confess that?  Yes, I don’t use a computer.  I get e-mail, and it gets printed out for me, and I read it as though it was a letter sent to me in the mail.  I write the answer in longhand, and I get it typed.

To each his own, but that still seems like a mountain of unnecessary work to me!  What makes Stern’s statement even funnier is in the interview, it came just after he finished giving accolades to computer technology for how it made the architectural business so much more efficient and creative.

Oh, well.  We all have our peculiarities.  That is what keeps life fun and interesting now, isn’t it?  I am going to start printing out my Tweets!

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