Po Bronson is a career expert and the coauthor of Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing.  He was recently interviewed by Money magazine on the elusive question of how you can bulletproof your career (“The Big Question: How Can I Bulletproof My Career?” Donna Rosato, September 2013, pp. 92–95).  His insightful answers can benefit us all, especially his comments about finding the energy for your career while avoiding burnout:

You need periods of rest and recuperation.  You can get that from your personal life.  An enormous amount of my time goes to my family, my kids, my volunteer work as a youth soccer coach.  I get energy from those parts of my life, and that makes me better at what I do professionally.  Spend time with people outside your field. . . . New ways of thinking will energize you.” (p. 94)

These are very important truths.  I too find spending time with other people energizes and enhances me personally and professionally.  Other people often provide insights, ideas, and perspectives I never would have produced alone.

You cannot be the sole energy producer.  You must be willing to tap the energy of people around you such as colleagues, family, and friends.  In so doing, you multiply your own energy.  When that happens, you truly find energy for a career that endures.

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