In a prior blog post (“Noah’s Job Search”, 8/9/13) I introduced the fine work of Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler, founders of CareerXroads, a consulting company specializing in human resources, staffing, and recruiting.  Within the next day or so, I will be wrapping up my blog posts dedicated to CareerXroads’ mystery job seeker report (“This Year’s Mystery Job Seeker: Noah Z. Ark, A Man For The Modern World”

Noah has definitely given us some rich material for analysis.  No doubt, we have only scratched the surface.  I have deeply appreciated all Noah has taught us about the shortcomings of our current online recruiting and hiring systems.

In the conclusion of Crispin’s and Mehler’s report, they ponder the glacial speed of positive change with online recruiting and hiring systems.  They express frustration and bafflement as to why many easy fixes are apparently ignored.  I am sure they represent many job seekers today.

Crispin and Mehler also address a more fundamental and difficult root cause—attitude.  Attitudes can be next to impossible to change.  Nevertheless, sometimes an attitude change is the only thing that can save a sinking ship.  Crispin and Mehler pull no punches in their assessment:

In some instances, what’s required is a shift in attitude—a greater understanding or acknowledgment of job seekers’ needs.  This would seem to be within easy reach because it simply requires recruiters and hiring managers to put themselves in the shoes of the applicant.  Most of them have already been there.  Or they will be.

The invitation for an attitude change is on the table.  The only question is how many companies will accept it?

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