In last Friday’s blog post (“Noah’s Job Search”, 8/9/13) I introduced the fine work of Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler, founders of CareerXroads, a consulting company specializing in human resources, staffing, and recruiting.  As promised, I have been devoting additional blog posts to their excellent and enlightening report (“This Year’s Mystery Job Seeker: Noah Z. Ark, A Man For The Modern World”

In his job search, Noah did not always receive a simple confirmation his online application had been successfully submitted.  The good news is 77% of the time, he received an immediate confirmation his application had been received.  That is great!

The bad news is 23% of the time Noah was left in the dark.  He did not know in real time whether his application had been successfully received.  This is one of those scenarios in which I simply have to ask, “I’m sorry, but how hard can it be?”  In these days of supreme computer and Internet technology, to not even program a simple courteous immediate confirmation message that assures the job seeker the application found its destination is inexcusable.

It occurs to me this simple, serious lack will leave a bad taste in the job seeker’s mouth, so much so, that job seeker might choose to leave the table.  Stop and think about it.  If you are having such a horrid experience during your vetting process, wouldn’t that alone make you reconsider your desire to affiliate with that organization?  I wonder how many times companies have lost qualified, attractive, solid candidates purely due to the manner in which those candidates were treated on the frontend.

Companies want job seekers to remember the importance of first impressions.  Shouldn’t that work the other way around too?  Noah reminds us it should.

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