Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler are the founders of CareerXroads, a consulting company specializing in human resources, staffing, and recruiting.  As part of its research, the company applies to jobs online using fictitious job seekers (think mystery shoppers).  The purpose is to discover what that experience is like and how companies might improve their processes.

I admire CareerXroads’ creativity.  Crispin and Mehler learned a lot, and had a few laughs along the way.  For example, in their most recent “job search,” their job applicant was Noah—yes, The Noah.  The name and address were obvious:

Noah Z. Ark—CPA, MS, 80 Ocean Avenue, Deepwater, NJ

The summaries of experience became even more interesting:

Gathered intelligence utilizing computer expertise on the migration of animals in large vessels during severe thunder storms.  Contacted by the big kahuna on what to do to collect and train animals to survive during the big flood.  Utilized computer modeling and decision making theory to determine which pairs of mammals could survive a long ocean voyage under catastrophic weather conditions.  Exceptional negotiating skills having brokered numerous deals with foreign governments over animal rights laws.

I love the approach!  Let’s have some fun with this.  Amazingly (or perhaps not so amazingly), Noah received a few phone calls and emails asking for more information, and he even received a couple of interview requests.

As funny as this is, CareerXroads’ purpose is to help companies spot the weaknesses in their recruitment and hiring processes.  Therefore, I will devote some future blog posts to some of their deeper, albeit less humorous, findings.

The next question is . . . does Noah have a LinkedIn profile?

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