Twinkies lovers are rejoicing as production resumes under new ownership following Hostess’ bankruptcy last year.  One item of note is the extended shelf life of Twinkies.  When the new Twinkies hit the market next week, consumers can look forward to a 45-day shelf life instead of the prior shelf life of 26 days.

One has to wonder exactly whether that shelf-life extension is a good thing.  The 26-day shelf life was long enough, and certainly everyone recognizes we are not exactly dealing with health food here.  Along those lines, Hostess spokesperson Hannah Arnold was questioned about the significant shelf-life extension.  According to The Associated Press:

Arnold declined to say what changes were made to extend the shelf life.


I suppose for true Twinkies addicts, the answer—or lack thereof—makes no difference anyway.  Nonetheless, as every PR expert affirms, when you make no comment, everyone else will.  I can only imagine what all the “fill in the blanks” will look like on this one!

All I can say is I’m glad I don’t eat Twinkies.

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