Facebook’s market segment is continuing to shift from the desktop platform to the mobile platform.  As this transition occurs, the proverbial challenge arises, as Brian Womack reports in Bloomberg Businessweek (“Facebook Struggles to Find Its Footing” 5/20/13–5/26/13, pp. 43–44):

As it scrambles to make money from mobile, Facebook has to accommodate advertisers without alienating users.” (p. 43)

How much advertising will a user endure before pulling the ejection handle?  I think this is a more difficult task on the Internet than on any other medium precisely because the Internet is highly interactive.  When I go to the Internet, it is because I want something specific.  I am on a mission.  Therefore, I do not appreciate being interrupted by ads.  I will bypass them or click out of them as fast as possible.

Facebook intensely monitors its user satisfaction.  It realizes the ejection handle is available.  CEO Mark Zuckerberg affirms this awareness:

‘We continue to measure people’s satisfaction with all the content they see on Facebook, including ads.’” (pp. 43–44)

As we know, Facebook collects a tremendous amount of data on its users.  My hope is Facebook will intelligently and thoughtfully tailor and target its advertising campaigns to strike the needed balance.  After all, if users pull the ejection handle, then Facebook becomes a smoking hole.

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