Yesterday I shared that millennials will comprise 36% of the workforce by next year, and 46% by 2020.  Those figures demand some examination of the way in which we manage our millennial talent pool.  Matt Miller is a Forbes contributor who agrees.  He specializes in the media and tech trending with millennials.  Miller refers to a study by the Kenan-Flagler Business School that gives us extensive insight about millennials (“Why You Should Be Hiring Millennials [Infographic]” 7/3/12).

From that study, we learn 64% of millennials explore a prospective company’s social-media policies during a job interview and 24% claim it would be a major factor in deciding whether to accept a job offer.  Do the math.  Those numbers are significant, and they will certainly grow.

Millennials take their social media very seriously.  Can we blame them?  It is in their digital DNA—it is their digital DNA.  They have come of age with it.

To address the topic of social media in a job interview would have been unheard of in the not-too-distant past.  Nevertheless, because millennials view their virtual world as importantly as they view their physical world, to them, it just goes with the process.  Therefore, if you are a company that has not given any thought to social-media policy, then you will likely be written off by the millennials.  In the big picture, that will become dangerous.  The superior approach is to recognize reality and capitalize on it.  As Miller affirms:

This is the first generation in history in which social communication skills have been so important.  For millennials like me, using Facebook is second nature to keep up with friends and family, but employers see it as a way to spread their brand through who we talk to.

Yes, millennials are serious about social media.  Smart companies will be too.

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