Nick Hill became fed up with all the neighborhood critters that helped themselves to his cat’s cat door.  The more frustrated he became, and the more he thought about it, he decided this was an entrepreneurial opportunity (As told to John Tozzi, “Small to Big SureFlap” Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/15/13–4/21/13, p. 54).  Today, his cat (“Flipper”) comes and goes exclusively through the cat door, with no other critters taking advantage of it.  The reason is the cat door is electronically activated to open only by Flipper’s implanted microchip.

So far, a quarter-million people, and their cats, agree.  Company growth continues to be strong.  In 2008, Hill launched SureFlap in the United Kingdom.  He appointed Flipper to be his chief product tester.  In 2010, he expanded to the US via online channels.  Today, SureFlap employs 20 people and of course, one cat.

Hill asked a key entrepreneurial question:  This works so well for me, will it work well for others?  When the answer is yes, then you might have the seedbed of a new business.

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