Dan Schawbel is the managing partner of Millennial Branding, a research and consulting company.  Schawbel recently interviewed Aaron McDaniel, author of the new book, The Young Professional’s Guide to Managing.

McDaniel serves up loads of good advice about management and leadership, especially for millennials.  Amidst the gold, one nugget especially impressed me:

Removing obstacles is an often forgotten responsibility of managers and driving results through others is paramount.  No matter how nice or smart you are, you will be measured by the results you can get others to achieve.

McDaniel hits the nail on the head—you will be measured by the results you can get others to achieve.  That principle is intrinsic to quality leadership.  Just because you are a great manager does not automatically mean you are a great leader.  Great leaders stimulate respect, teamwork, admiration, and inspiration.  These leaders empower their followers to accomplish exceptional victories.

When you are a great leader, not only have you made your team a success, you have made yourself a success.  Remember, you will be measured by the results of your team.  In the final analysis, that makes a lot of sense.  After all, your team is a reflection of you.


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