As businesspeople, our biggest challenge every single day is knowing exactly how to accomplish a difficult task in diverse situations.  To help us meet that need more effectively, Jennifer Daniel and Evan Applegate have created a one-page “How-To-O-Matic” (“The How-To-O-Matic” Bloomberg Businessweek 4/16/12–4/22/12).  Using their handy dandy chart, you can look up various tasks, match them to situations, and voila, you have your solutions.  Sounds like something that should be on one of those late-night infomercials, eh?  From the How-To-O-Matic, here are my favorites:

Task:  Play golf.  Situation:  You are in an elevator.  Solution—Stick with putter.

Task:  Capitalize on a crisis.  Situation:  You are in a helicopter.  Solution—Impress others with knowledge of the word, “auto-rotate.”

Task:  Handle stress.  Situation:  You are shipwrecked.  Solution—Try to remember how Robinson Crusoe ended.

Task:  Nail that job interview.  Situation:  You are in an elevator.  Solution—Push all the buttons to gain extra time.

Task:  Inspire your team.  Situation:  You are in a helicopter.  Solution—Bump fists with the intern and jump out the door.

Wow.  I think I have everything I need now for a successful career!

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