Thanks to social media, talent acquisition dynamics continue to change creatively, and at an accelerating rate.  Companies are remaining alert to the importance of tapping all aspects of social media for expediting their job-candidate searches.  Writing in Bloomberg Businessweek, Olga Kharif highlights companies’ use of social media to identify passive talent (“Finding Job Candidates Who Aren’t Looking” 12/17/13–12/23/13, pp. 41–42):

“Recruiters are filling openings faster by relying on new tools that scour social networks and target workers who aren’t necessarily looking for jobs.  LinkedIn got into the field early, launching Recruiter in 2008.  It lets headhunters search its more than 187 million profiles and contact potential candidates.  Since last year, Adobe has found more than half its new hires through LinkedIn.” (p. 41)

These developments are creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs.  For example, Entelo launched in October 2012.  The company is one of several talent-connection tools aiming to find more information on potential job candidates using the various online social networks.  In the case of Entelo, the tool:

“trawls Twitter, Google+, and other sites, using proprietary algorithms to find candidates for specific jobs and predict which may be open to offers.” (p. 41)

Entelo’s cofounder, Jon Bischke, affirms the efficacy and growing attraction of these new techniques:

“‘We think that every major job board player is going to be looking at social data . . . A lot of them are seeing what’s happening with LinkedIn and trying to figure out how they can compete.’” (p. 42)

I think the approach has substantial merit.  If the talent isn’t coming to your door, then you must go to the talent.  Every businessperson understands sometimes you have to make things happen.  These new talent tools create more ways in which to do exactly that.

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