Elon Musk is quite the dreamer and entrepreneur.  This past May, his company, SpaceX, accomplished no small feat at no small altitude.  A rocket was launched that docked a capsule with the International Space Station at 220 miles altitude.

Musk has that head for creative ideas and innovative technologies.  One of his latest plans is to create a completely new mode of rapid, personal transportation that steps beyond the realm of cars, planes, boats, and trains.  Dubbed the Hyperloop, Musk describes a mechanism that would use some sort of a tubular system to move individuals at twice the speed of flight, be impervious to crashing, and would depart upon your arrival at the station.  Now that certainly sounds exciting!

I am envisioning something with a tunnel system.  Granted, it might be very expensive and time consuming to build, but can you imagine the efficiency gains once it is in place?

Additionally, Musk hopes to make successful flights to Mars possible for colonization.  Hats off to Musk!  I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Musk recently told Bloomberg Businessweek, “I would like to die on Mars.  Just not on impact.”  Yes, I agree.  Smoking holes are never good.


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