Nowhere are we probably more concerned about security than when we board an aircraft.  I want to be sure none of the bad guys or gals get on my jet, but please don’t hassle me in the process!

How’s that working for you?

Dean Senner is the CEO of AOptix Technologies in Silicon Valley.  He claims to have the perfect solution to tighten and streamline our airport security checks.  AOptix Technologies has developed an AOptix InSight tower that can scan a person’s eyes when they stand within eight feet of it.  Ashlee Vance (“The Truth Is in the Eye of the Flyer” Bloomberg Businessweek 8/27/12–9/2/12, pp. 27–29), reports on its amazing speed:

“It takes around eight seconds to register both eyes in a database on a passenger’s first scan and just a second or two in subsequent scans to recognize them.” (p. 28)

Now that’s fast!  And I’m positive it is a whole lot faster than the last time you or I went through airport security.

The scanner converts the iris images into a “rectilinear format” which is subsequently converted into binary code.  That binary code template becomes the standard against which future scans are compared.

Of course, cybersecurity experts have their concerns.  If hackers can steal your biometric data from this database, then we’ve got problems.  But how is that any different from the ongoing cybersecurity concerns we’ve always had?  The hacker wars will never go away, so let’s get real.

Security?  Yes, we want that.  Speed?  Yes, we want that too, as long as it doesn’t compromise the security.

AOptix Technologies may have the solution to get us all through airport security with just a wink.  And that’s a wink that may help us all catch 40 winks.

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