When it comes to onboarding programs, safety training, and security-policy training, a new company contends sprints are better than marathons.  Carol Leaman is the CEO of Axonify (Waterloo, Ontario).  She cites the numerous cases of which we are all aware in which employees coast through multiday training periods frittering away their time often handling other distractions.  Retention is poor to nonexistent.  This is a serious problem considering the content often involves important security and safety policies and procedures.

Axonify provides software-based training that is formatted into 90-second modules of information.  To make the content even more engaging, the employee must interact with the module in various games and trivia-style questions.  Leaman claims the sprint version of the material is intrinsically superior to the marathon version of the material based on retention dynamics.  People remember more information when it is fed to them in short bursts.  This translates to potentially big savings for companies, and they are starting to enroll.  JP Mangalindan reports:

“Axonify claims it can save companies tens of millions in injury compensation. . . . Its customers include RadioShack, Toys“R”Us, and Wal-Mart.” (“Startup Idol Winner Axonify Is Training to Thrill” Fortune 8/13/12, p. 34)

Although its client list is still short, it is impressive.  In the meantime, about 75 additional companies are already in talks with Axonify to engage its services.

If Axonify is right about all this, we may soon see many more sprints than marathons—and a better bottom line too.

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