The week after Newsweek ran a major story on how negative the future was for generation Y, a passionate letter to the editor arrived from Gregory Gormley of Spokane, Washington:

“As part of Generation Y, it continually frustrates me whenever I see another article about how my generation is screwed or has no chance at success.  We don’t know what conflicts, innovations, or discoveries lie ahead.  We may pave the way for successful leadership that reforms and restores our country.  The older generation needs to give us a chance before trying to seal our fate.” (8/6/12, p. 2)

Resonating very much with Gormley’s sentiment was an excellent article by Rick Montgomery in the Kansas City Star June 25, 2012.  The piece was entitled, “Generation Optimism” (pp. A1, A9).  In short, Montgomery describes the multiple ways in which generation Y is simply and powerfully forging ahead in spite of all the negative press about the economy and the job market.

Generation Y has its challenges–that is true.  But moving forward with optimism will win out any day over moving forward (or pretending to move forward) with pessimism.  And whether of their own making or not, what generation has not faced its adversities?

I commend generation Y for being positive, optimistic, and upbeat.  They are not buying into someone else’s negativity or pessimism.  They are refusing to let someone else define their future.  They are taking a stand that says the American Dream can still happen in their lifetimes.

Their empowerment and ultimate success will be even sweeter.

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