Do you remember those little things called QR codes?  I do.  QR (quick response) codes were supposed to be the new wave in advertising and marketing.

You’ve heard the saying, “love me or hate but, but don’t ignore me.”  Nowadays I think QR codes are feeling ignored.  In a three-month study last year, only 5% of Americans even scanned a single QR code.

I’m not surprised.  To use a QR code, first you have to have a smartphone with some kind of a QR app.  You have to fire up that app and then take the time to hold the phone stationary over the QR code.  All of that, just to go to a company Web site?  Give me a break!  Somehow, I don’t think QR codes will become the rage.

To add insult to injury, QR codes have not always been used in the most intelligent ways.  The most hilarious use (or misuse) of QR codes I heard of was the one in which the QR code was on a billboard next to a highway.

What’s wrong with this picture?  . . . . Err, maybe it’s the QR code.

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