Jonathan Miller along with his mom, Mem Miller, cofounded Dimples in 2010.  Dimples created a patent-pending, ink-saving process for printed documents.  This helps organizations reduce printing costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  (Full disclosure—Mem Miller is my cousin, I have no formal business connection with Dimples, and I obtain no financial benefit of any kind from Dimples.)

Recently, Jonathan shared with me the interesting process of founding and developing his company.  What he shared provided numerous lessons on entrepreneurship.  My blog posts this week will draw from this material.

Asking for help is never a bad thing, especially as an entrepreneur.  As Jonathan reports:

“By reaching out to mentors, the team was helped to remain focused and was prevented from making strategically and financially costly mistakes.”

Fine, you say, but where do I find those people willing to help?  Excellent question!  The answer might be much better than you would think.

Remember, in spite of the stories we’ve all heard about some entrepreneurs being so driven they have no time for you, the reality is usually quite the opposite.  Most successful businesspersons I know are very willing to offer a hand to a budding entrepreneur.  Jonathan and Mem found this to be delightfully true.  Here is just one example they reported:

“As the Dimples team researched payment processors for their software, they had some questions and ended up speaking with a founding partner of one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies.  He’s a long-time entrepreneur, currently in the Caribbean on his yacht, but has made the time over the past year to respond to the Dimples team’s calls for guidance and has shared his wisdom to avoid unnecessary mistakes.  He has truly shown concern and his assistance continues to be invaluable.”

Now I like this.  Hey, I’m allergic to pain!  If I can reach out to a more experienced businessperson to gain insights into my business situation, then I come out further ahead and pain free.  Why force yourself to learn everything from the School of Hard Knocks?  (Yes, I realize the tuition is cheap and the learning value is high.)

So the good news is there is much free knowledge available.  The bad news is if you don’t ask for it, you will make life more difficult than it needs to be.  Therefore, why not ask and save yourself some pain and costly mistakes?

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