Dr. Keith Reemtsma was once advising Dr. Mehmet Oz on leadership.  He told him, “there is a fine difference between vision and hallucination.  Other people have to see your vision and get behind it, or you’re wasting everyone’s time” (Florian, Ellen. “The Best Advice I Ever Got: Dr. Mehmet Oz–The crown prince of medical media on leadership” Fortune, February 27, 2012, p. 20).

As a leader, you must possess vision.  Vision is intrinsic to leadership.  Vision is crucial.  Vision is essential.

Nevertheless, that vision must be well founded.  It must be reliable and true.  Otherwise, you may be sailing your ship over a waterfall.

How and when vision is communicated is just as important.  You can have the right vision, but the wrong timing.  If you get too far out in front of your people, they may mistake you for the enemy.

Vision is a key ingredient every leader must continuously embrace, manage, and share.  Do this well, and you will be a great leader; mishandle it, and people might think you’re on a hallucinogen.

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