Becoming an entrepreneur can take many different paths as a means to many different products and services.  One thing all entrepreneurs will agree however is building your own business is never easy.  Just ask Matt Chambers, founder of Confederate Motorcycles.  His path was successful, but fraught with many challenges along the way (Tabor, Damon. “Up to Speed” Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/11/12–6/17/12, p. 87).

After lawyering for 13 years, Chambers decided he needed to expand his lifelong passion for motorcycle-design into a fulltime career.  Therefore, he created Confederate Motorcycles, specifically appealing to the higher end market.  These bikes are not your off-the-assembly-line, stock machines.  For example, “The Fighter,” one of several available models, retails for about $110,000.

None of this success would have occurred without Chambers’ passionate commitment over the long haul.  In 2001, his company went through bankruptcy.  In 2005, Hurricane Katrina severely damaged one of his warehouses.  Though it all, Chambers remained focused on his goals.

Due to Chambers’ commitment, Confederate Motorcycles has come back stronger than ever.  Revenue has grown significantly and his client list includes the likes of Brad Pitt and Bruce Springsteen.

Being an entrepreneur guarantees you will have challenges.  It’s not for everybody.  Nevertheless, being an entrepreneur by definition means you have what it takes to hang in there.  Because you have a vision of what your company will become, that vision carries you and your colleagues forward into a more fulfilling future.

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