Charlie Ergen (Dish Network Chairman) spoke last month at the Wake Forest University graduation.  He offered a clever reminder about the value of money versus the value of knowledge:

“I encourage you to take the jobs where you will learn the most, and the other paycheck will take care of itself.” (Commencements: CEO Wisdom, 2012 Edition. Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/28/12–6/3/12, p. 24)

I love Ergen’s perspective that learning for the sake of learning is in itself a paycheck.  Fundamentally, many of us are deeply concerned about what we are earning.  Nevertheless, we should be just as concerned—if not more concerned—about what we are learning.

Making money is nice, but money is only a tool to accomplish other dreams and goals in our lives.  The deeper things of our lives derive not from what we have earned but from what we have learned.

“What did you earn?” is a rather personal question.  “What did you learn?” is just as personal, but much more revealing.

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