Want to be able to touch your significant other when you can’t touch your significant other?  No, I’m not trying to sound confusing.  You can sign up for Pair, the newest social network for just you and your partner when you happen to be physically separated.

Once the two of you sign up for Pair, you each download a phone app that enables you to “thumbkiss.”  This means the two of you, each on your individual phones in real time, slide your thumb across the screen to align with an image of your partner’s moving thumb.  Once the two thumbs meet, the screen glows red and the phone vibrates.  Well isn’t that cute—you can touch each other even when you aren’t in the same room!

This app is simultaneously cute, funny, interesting, innovative, creative, helpful, and novel.  I don’t criticize the developers one bit.  At the same time, the app reminds us of our relentless human need to be in touch with those we love and hold dear.  Technology sometimes facilitates that connection in terrific ways.  But technology cannot reproduce the real thing.

Sort of gives a new meaning to “reach out and touch someone,” doesn’t it?  Just don’t forget to do the real thing when you are in the same room.

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