Once again, nanotechnology comes to the rescue.  “When?” you ask.  Why, the next time your cell phone gets caught in the rain or gets dropped into a liquid, that’s when!

New nanotechnology-based coatings are specially formulated to allow all mechanical and electrical actions to function while shielding each component from liquid damage.  Several companies are now creating nanotechnology-based coating processes for electronic components such as those inside our cell phones and computers.

P2i, for example, can envelope electronic components with a coating less than 30 nanometers thick (one one-thousandth the thickness of a human hair).  Other companies include HzO and Liquipel.

In one recent demonstration, two tissues were provided: one with the nanotechnology treatment and one without treatment.  When any liquid was allowed to contact the tissues, the treated tissue consistently caused the liquid to bead up and run off.  The untreated tissue simply absorbed the liquid as normal.  Impressive!

Although most of these companies are marketing B2B only as they get established, eventually, direct consumer marketing should occur.  The technology is already being adopted.  For example, P2i’s Aridion coating is the basis for the new SplashGuard technology on Motorola’s Droid Razr.

Don’t get any visions of casting your cell phone into the lake for six months, and then retrieving it fully functional.  The coating is not that liquid-proof.  Nevertheless, it is substantial enough to protect your cell phone against most unwanted liquid encounters.

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