So what can a Hong Kong immigrant teach you and me about passion and enjoyment in the business world?  Plenty, I’d say.

Theresa Ng (co-owner of Bo Ling’s) was recently interviewed by the Kansas City Star Magazine concerning the restaurant chain’s success.  The terms “passion,” and “enjoyment,” stood out as key ingredients in all aspects of life at Bo Ling’s.

When asked how and why the restaurant chain survived and grew during the recession, Ng had this to say:

“Passion.  We just do what we have known since we were little kids.  It’s also important that we don’t look at the restaurant business as an investment.  It is a daily life thing.  It is something we enjoy doing every day and suddenly 40 years have passed by

Ng identified the most important part of her job and the rationale:

“Making sure the employees enjoy their jobs.  If everyone here enjoys doing their job the customer notices because the food will always be fresh and the restaurant will always be clean because the people work better if they enjoy their job

Ng so well captures the importance of passion and enjoyment in the workplace today.  I have eaten at Bo Ling’s many times.  I have never had a bad dining experience in any manner.  The passion and the enjoyment always seemed to shine.

Likewise, I have never seen any workplace situation that was not radically improved when passion and enjoyment were present.  Granted, every workplace presents its challenges.  Nevertheless, to the degree passion and enjoyment are injected into each day, the people, the organization, and the customers benefit.

So let’s hear it for some passion and enjoyment in the workplace!  But don’t stop there.  Ask yourself the question—What can I do to inject some passion and enjoyment into my workplace today?

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