Most of us are aware of product placement deals—a movie or television program is paid to integrate a product incidental to the plot, thereby subtly advertising the product.  The concept is the advertisement may be more effective because it sort of sneaks up on you.

The April 5 Zippy The Pinhead comic strip by Bill Griffith took product placement deals to a whole new level.  Zippy and Zerbina are retiring for the night.  As they are falling asleep, Zerbina says, “I hope we have good dreams tonight,” to which Zippy retorts, “. . . with brand names!”

As the plot unfolds, you discover Zippy and Zerbina have “dream product placement deals” with Nabisco, Hostess, Apple, and Toyota.  Zerbina happily exclaims, “Every time we dream of a Prius, we get free gas at the pump!”  Zippy proudly affirms, “Our dreams are monetized!”

This particular episode in the life and times of Zippy gives me an enduring belly laugh to say the least.  Additionally, it challenges us to think about how far companies will go to advertise their products and services, even if that means monetizing levels of existence that we haven’t yet thought possible.

Where will this take us?  Your guess is as good as mine!

I guess I should pay more attention to the fine print in my dreams.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen the money yet.

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