Mariarosaria Taddeo is with the University of Hertfordshire as a Marie Curie Fellow.  In a recent interview, she defines the “information revolution” in a fascinating manner:

“Information revolution” is meant to convey the extraordinary ways that information communication technologies have changed our lives.  There are of course plenty of examples of this, including Facebook and Twitter and that sort of thing, but what these technologies have really done is introduce a new non-physical space that we exist in, and, increasingly, it’s becoming just as important as the offline or physical space–in fact events in this non-physical domain often affect events in the physical world.

Although a bit lengthy, I appreciate Taddeo’s definition of the information revolution.  Information communication technologies have changed our lives in extraordinary ways.  I think I am equally in awe of the magnitude of the changes as I am grateful for the benefits of the changes.  The routine cyberspace activities in which I engage today were the stuff of science fiction when I was a kid.

On a philosophical and practical level, I especially appreciate Taddeo’s explanation that the technologies have brought us into a new nonphysical space in which we exist.  Last I checked, they aren’t making any more land.  Yet, we create virtual real estate in cyberspace.  Never before in history could humankind do this.  Furthermore, what we do in this nonphysical space can affect our physical space, not only for our lives, but for others’ lives.  The implications are staggering.

A fundamental objective of Taddeo’s work is helping our philosophy catch up with our technology.  I think we’ve only just begun to do so.  Nevertheless, the important thing is we have begun.


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