As the fifth season of Mad Men opened last week, many people are reflecting on the terrific job that series has done in bringing the awe of the 1960s ad age to life.  Never before in the history of television has a series so thoroughly captured the nitty-gritty, wild, whacky, world of advertising during that turbulent, sometimes tragic, decade.

Newsweek magazine has dedicated a special double issue cover story to the celebration of Mad Men and advertising (“Welcome Back to 1965” 3/26/12 and 4/2/12).  In so doing, Newsweek has produced many exceptionally insightful articles drawing truths from Mad Men and shedding more light on the advertising business yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  The Newsweek issue addresses the 1960s culture with all its attendant volatility.  The highlights and the lowlights of the day are studied.

For anyone wanting to understand Mad Men and its context better, I highly recommend that Newsweek issue.  And just for fun, to put the reader back into the 1960s, Newsweek has retrofitted the entire special double issue to the advertising and design of that day.

Because that Newsweek issue does such a magnificent job, several of my blog posts in the coming days will engage its contents.  As always in this blog, my aim is to speak to business or business-related events or truths.  And believe me, having read the entire Newsweek special double issue cover story, we have much to explore.

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