U.S. District Court Judge Denis Cote has extended the deadline that was originally March 8, this year, to July 9, for organizations to ensure their IT systems are free of DNS Changer Trojan.  (See my 2/28/12 post, “Beware the Eighth of March?” or click the ALERT category on my blog).

Amazingly, as of late February, estimates stated 19% of Fortune 500 companies plus three major government agencies were still infected.  These organizations are working hard to eliminate all traces of this malware from their systems.  Once July 9 arrives, all organizations that still have DNS Changer Trojan as a stowaway will find their Web sites are no longer accessible due to the countermeasures the FBI will be executing.  Yes, this is serious cyber warfare.

These cyberspace battle plans are necessary due to the overwhelming size and power of DNS Changer Trojan.  Hopefully, all these remaining organizations will handle this important matter by the deadline.

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but whether it is an enterprise-level IT system, or the desktop in your living room, keeping your OS and your antivirus software up to date is an absolute nonnegotiable.  I shudder to think about how one in five of our nation’s largest corporations have allowed these infections to occur.  Alas, once again I am reminded:  Dilbert is alive and well!

For those interested, the Computerworld link below has a more detailed article on this situation.

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