A new study indicates a job candidate’s Facebook page is a better predictor of job-fit than the traditional standardized screening tests.  In ten minutes, a trained reviewer can identify indicators of the candidate’s personality, character, and red flags.  The study will soon be published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.  I can’t wait to read that one!

In this economy, companies want to be even more careful about each hiring decision.  The convenient truth is social media allows them to do exactly that.

Of course, for the candidate who sets Facebook’s privacy settings to something other than public, the reviewer may come up with very little helpful information.  For the candidate who does set them to public, it is an open book.  Sadly, too many SM users do not recognize the gravity and the opportunity of this situation.

Virtual is reality.

For the “party hardy” candidate with many embarrassing or otherwise inappropriate postings, going all public will potentially hinder his or her job opportunities.  On the other hand, for the serious, professional candidate who has nothing to hide, going all public will potentially enhance his or her job opportunities.

Let the user beware!  (Or, perhaps more to the point, “Let the user grow up!”)

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