A prophetic warning to Julius Caesar about the Ides of March turned out to be pretty important.  Shakespeare aside, although you likely don’t have to worry about the Ides of March, the date you may want to watch out for is the 8th of March.

On March 8, 2012, the FBI could possibly shut down a number of Web sites with the aim of finally killing off a serious botnet infection called DNSChanger Trojan.  As is typical with the FBI, it is not giving out excessive information about its attack plan.

The targets are malicious, infected Web sites.  Nevertheless, if you happen to frequent any Web sites that may unknowingly be involved, then your surfing to those sites may be curtailed.

In my ongoing research about this situation, I did not tend to find a highly consistent story from one source to another.  Given the range of technical options open to the FBI, my sense is no one is sure exactly what will happen.

PC World has a more detailed review of this matter that I found very helpful.

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