In yesterday’s blog post I mentioned the current state of Microsoft’s OS support announcements.  These announcements can freshly prompt us to consider if a new PC purchase should be on our agenda.

As with so many things in life, the trick is in the timing.  Buy too soon and you might end up with an OS that doesn’t have all the major bugs exterminated.  I think this is what happened to many people who came early to the party with Vista.  Buy too late and you might truncate the useful lifespan of the unit.

Purchasing a new PC should happen at a prime time, fully assessing multiple factors.  The decision will always depend on business needs, technology needs, costs, benefits, and again, optimally timing the ongoing Microsoft OS development cycles.

I pay rapt attention to the early and ongoing OS reviews before diving in headfirst.  Once I have reasonable assurance the newer OS is a smooth, stable system, then I am in the zone for a new machine.  Factoring in the business and IT needs, and the associated costs and benefits of a new PC, then I might take the plunge.  So far, I have been quite successful in maximizing my productivity while minimizing my costs by following this strategy.

Do I always call it perfectly?  What do you think?

Well, at least I derive comfort from the fact it isn’t the first error message to which I’ve had to say “Okay.”

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