As it prepares for the release of Windows 8, Microsoft recently announced its support timetable for Vista and Windows 7.  Vista will remain fully supported through 2017.  Windows 7 will remain fully supported through 2020.

I’m sure this was good news to the folks like me who enjoy milking an OS for all it’s worth.  My desktop PC is a Vista machine and my laptop is Windows 7—and I love Windows 7.  I occasionally use some older Windows XP PCs, but I never use those for mission-critical work.  They barely earn their keep by having the questionable title of “last-ditch backups.”  And, did I mention I love Windows 7?

I am happy to know of Microsoft’s OS support plans.  That helps me to do my technology planning better.  With technology constantly changing, having a few solid parameters in hand does make things slightly less hectic.

Long live Windows 7!—At least for eight more years.

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