The current edition of the Kansas City Business Journal has an excellent article by James Dornbrook about Genesys Systems Integrator (“Genesys Engineers Comeback,” January 3-9, 2012, pp. 3, 30).  Genesys understands how important employee engagement is.  Without employee engagement, you cannot build long-term stability and success, especially in and through the recession from which we are still recovering.

Genesys has executed a number of well-timed initiatives helping it to spring into the future.  An employee stock ownership plan has been implemented.  When employees know they own an equity position in the company, that changes how they approach their jobs.  Genesys projects the ESOP will put 20 to 30% of company equity into the employee’s hands by the end of 2012.

Genesys refined and expanded its business strategy, partly as a result of an employee planning session.  These outcomes will render the company more recession proof; a win for the company, the customers, and the employees.

Finally, Genesys understands its employees truly are its greatest asset.  That understanding informs every aspect of the hiring process and the corporate culture.  Genesys President Patrick Perry describes it this way:

If you hire the best people and treat them exceptionally well, they treat your customers well, and then your customers repay that with more business, and you need to hire more people.

Thank you, Genesys, for doing it right!

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