Going green has been one of the mantras of the day in the business world.  Businesspeople increasingly feel compelled to be good corporate citizens.  Therefore, among the multiple factors assessed in every decision is “how will this affect the environment?”

Don’t get me wrong.  I do believe we must be good stewards over the resources with which we have been entrusted. Nevertheless, what strikes me as funny is when going green isn’t going green.

Case in point: Most people try to maintain a paperless office as much as possible in the interest of not killing more trees.  On the surface, one can understand the strategy.  Unfortunately, what many people do not realize is the more paper is used, the higher the demand for paper, the more trees are planted to replenish and further support the growing demand.  I had a paper-trade expert share this with me at a business meeting recently.  She explained higher paper use directly leads to more trees, and less paper use directly leads to fewer trees.

Many additional examples exist.  The bottom line is in each case not looking at the whole picture can put you in the predicament of thinking you are going green when you’re not.

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