In the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek (1/23/12 to 1/29/12) we find the journal’s annual ranking of top-performing companies.  Number 1 was Mastercard.  Apple was 6, Cerner was 13, Google was 23, was 48, and DirecTV was 49.

Coca-Cola came in at 41.  Quoted in a sidebar was Coca-Cola’s CEO Muhtar Kent.  To the question, “How can you boost performance during the next decade?” Kent responded, in part:

“More innovation. . . . remaining constructively discontent, knowing that we can always do better.  Ensuring–starting with me–that there is never any room to be arrogant or to rest on your recent successes.”

I love it!  Kent’s statement serves as an admonition to us all.  It is true in life and it is true in business that pride comes before a fall.  The companies and the people who will excel in 2012 and beyond will be the companies and the people who never rest on past accomplishments.  Daily, moment by moment, our passion must be to identify new opportunities wherever and however they may come.

While we may revel in past accomplishments, we must never camp there.  New accomplishments await our discovery.  Let’s go get ‘em!

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