I chuckled at Sarah Goodyear’s article (link below) in which she bemoans our fate when we become overly dependent on our GPS devices and our technology.  Goodyear affirms although technology is a great tool, perhaps when we allow ourselves to become overly dependent on it, we usurp our cognitive and existential prowess.

I love technology.  I love what it can do for me.  I love the increasing number of benefits and conveniences it provides.  Simultaneously, I continually remind myself how dependent I am on technology.

This awareness drives me to three continual objectives:

1). To remain technologically astute so I can continue to benefit.

2). To build redundant backup systems to protect my data and my processes.

3). Never to fear doing something “the old-fashioned way” (such as pen and paper), because, after all . . . . they don’t disappear when the power dies.

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